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Welcome to the KonF‘00’ Documentation

KonFoo is a Python Package for creating byte stream mappers in a declarative way with as little code as necessary to help fighting the confusion with the foo of the all well-known memory dumps or hexadecimal views of binary data.

It comes with sensible defaults out of the box.

It aims to make the process of reading, de-serializing, viewing, serializing and writing binary data from and back to a byte stream provider as easy as possible.

KonFoo in points:

  • declarative way to describe the mapping of binary data to Python types
  • declarative classes to read, deserialize, view, serialize and write binary data from and back to a data source
  • easy adjustable byte stream provider bridge to any kind of data source
  • nesting of classes
  • adaptable classes on the fly while reading/de-serializing binary data
  • easy syntax for accessing nested fields
  • view the mapped binary data as a JSON string
  • list the mapped binary data as a flatten list or dictionary
  • write the mapped binary data to a .json file
  • write the mapped binary data to a .csv file
  • save the mapped binary data to an .ini file
  • load the mapped binary data from an .ini file
  • easy creatable nested metadata dictionaries of the members of a byte stream mapper
  • metadata converter to the flare.json format to visualise the mapper with d3js.

KonFoo runs on Python 3.5 or higher.

You can get the latest version of KonFoo directly from GitHub:

You can get the library directly from PyPI:

> pip install konfoo

Documentation Contents

This part of the documentation guides you through all of the library’s usage patterns.